Online Ordering Eurovignettes for Trucks

Online Ordering Eurovignettes for Trucks


Eurovignet is an online platform simplifying the process of ordering Eurovignettes for trucks permitted on highways. This case study delves into the development of a user-friendly form using the Bubble platform.

Client/Project Overview:

Our client, Eurovignet, sought to streamline the Eurovignette ordering process, providing a convenient online solution for truck drivers. The focus was on creating an intuitive form for order placement.

Problem Statement:

The traditional process of obtaining Eurovignettes for trucks involved paperwork and time-consuming steps, leading to inefficiencies.


Using Bubble, we developed an efficient online ordering form for Eurovignettes. This form simplifies the process, allowing truck drivers to place orders seamlessly. Once an order is submitted, users receive a confirmation via email.

Results and Impact:

  • Eurovignet's online platform has streamlined the Eurovignette ordering process, saving time for truck drivers.
  • The user-friendly form enhances the overall customer experience, making it easy to place orders.
  • Confirmation emails provide users with assurance and necessary documentation.


Eurovignet showcases the effectiveness of leveraging Bubble for creating streamlined, user-friendly solutions. The online form simplifies the Eurovignette ordering process, benefitting both truck drivers and Eurovignet.

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