InterviewBoss: Interview training with AI

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InterviewBoss: Interview training with AI


InterviewBoss is a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize interview training. This case study explores our use of Bubble and chatGPT-4 AI to create a comprehensive solution, providing personalized interview preparation for users.

Client/Project Overview:

Our client, InterviewBoss, envisioned a platform that helps users train for interviews tailored to specific positions. The goal was to leverage AI to generate interview questions, analyze user responses, and provide valuable feedback and recommendations.

Problem Statement:

nterview preparation can be challenging, and personalized feedback on interview performance is often lacking.


Leveraging Bubble and chatGPT-4 AI, we developed InterviewBoss. The platform generates position-specific interview questions, records user responses via video, and uses AI to analyze and score each response. It then provides users with a total score and personalized recommendations for improvement.

Results and Impact:

  • InterviewBoss has transformed interview preparation by offering personalized, AI-driven training.
  • Users receive detailed feedback on each question, enhancing their understanding of strengths and areas for improvement.
  • The platform's AI-driven analysis provides users with a comprehensive and objective assessment of their interview skills.



InterviewBoss exemplifies the power of no-code development and AI integration in elevating interview training. It empowers users to prepare effectively and perform confidently in real-world interviews.

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